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Lyrics : Soprano

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Lyrics : Soprano

Post by Dnee on Mon Mar 03, 2008 8:15 am


Furi hajimeta toori ame ga atashi no kata wo tsumetaku nurasu
Hoo wo tsutau sono shizuku wa namida da to shitte ware ni kaeru

Kakechigaeta kotae ga futari no ai wo kaeta
Kako ni mamoru chikara mo nai kuse ni tsuyogari no kodou wa naru

Ano hi mitsuketa koi no kakera wa atashi no naka de itsuka kieta no?
Mou nido to todokanai anata no te wo
Omoidasu riyuu sae mou nai no?
Furisosogu ame wa tada yasashiku kobore ochiteku namida wo kabau
Yuugure ga tsuredashita ame no kaori soredake ga yuiitsu yasashii...

Oshikoroshita namidagoe wa yowayowashiku mo mada furuete
Uso nanda to waraitai no ni saigo no kotoba wa mou kienai

Futari de hanashita yume hajimete tsunaida te mo
Tada subete ga hitasura mune no oku genjitsu wo shimetsukeru

Ano hi todoita koi no mahou wa anata no naka de kitto kieta no
Deatta ano koro no yume wo sagasu imi no nai koto datte wakatteru
Mou sukoshi dake soba ni itai to ano toki naze sou ienakattarou...
Saegiru you ni mo kikoeta yonmoji iwanai to negatta no ni...

Arukidashita atashi no hohaba wa ano hi yori mo futashika dakeredo
Obotsukanai kutsuoto ni mimi wo sumasu
Itsuka mata waraiai aeru kana
Meguri meguru ikue no jikan wa soredemo atashi no takaramono de
Nani hitotsu iroasenu omoide dake kono mune ni sotto shimaou
Kono mune ni sotto shimaou


降り始めた通り雨が あたしの肩を冷たく濡らす
頬を伝うその雫は 涙だと知って我に返る

掛け違えた答えが 二人の愛を変えた
過去に戻る力も 無いくせに 強がりの鼓動は鳴る

あの日見つけた恋の欠片は あたしの中でいつか消えたの?
降り注ぐ雨はただ優しく こぼれ落ちてく涙をかばう
夕暮れが連れ出した雨の香り それだけが唯一優しいÖ

押し殺した涙声は 弱々しくもまだ震えて
ウソなんだと笑いたいのに 最後の言葉はもう消えない

二人で話した夢 初めて繋いだ手も
ただ全てがひたすら 胸の奥 現実を締め付ける

あの日届いた恋の魔法は あなたの中できっと消えたの
出逢ったあの頃の夢を探す 意味の無いことだって分かってる
もう少しだけそばにいたいと あのとき何故そう言えなかったろうÖ
遮るようにも聞こえた四文字 言わないでと願ったのにÖ

歩き出したあたしの歩幅は あの日よりも不確かだけれど
巡り巡る幾重の時間は それでもあたしの宝物で

Credit@Twilight _paradise



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Re: Lyrics : Soprano

Post by Hiroki-chan on Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:20 pm

thanks for the lyrics! kiyoe sure has long breath Very Happy 'cause I ran out of breath many times when I was singing this Embarassed
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Re: Lyrics : Soprano

Post by momo_chen on Thu May 15, 2008 11:06 pm

thanks for this! really love this song. i did the english translation and was wondering where to put it *_*

The rain begins to shower my sholder wet
The water drops along my cheek. If itís the case, it makes sense that they are tears.
To have different answers, our love seems to changed.
Though having no strength to return to the past, I still act tough.

When will that day I found the fragment of love disappear within me?
I would never again reach for your hand.
Is there even no reason to remember?
The down pouring rain is only gently covering the tears spilling out from my eyes.
The evening is taking out the smell of the rain. That is the only unique kindness.

My dying tearful voice is frail and also still shaking.
Although itís a lie I want to smile. My last words have disappeared.
The conversation about our dreams and even the first time we held hands, everything only becomes nothing but a pressure in my chest.

Iím sure the magic words that reached the inside of you has disappeared.
Even though I know thereís no meaning looking for our dream.
Why didnít I say it out that I wanted to be with you a little longer.
I desired not to say in order to interrupt and hear the four words.

My pace is even more uncertain compare to the path I walked that day.
So then I could get over of the uncertain sound of footstep
I wonder if I will be able to smile again

But still, the time when I go around in a repeated circumstance is my treasure.
Not even one memory will fade away; I will secretly close it in my heart.

I will secretly close it in my heart.

please feel free to correct me!


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Re: Lyrics : Soprano

Post by mitchoubidou on Sun Feb 22, 2009 9:47 am

Thanx ! Very goog job !!

Saegiru you ni mo kikoeta yonmoji iwanai to negatta no ni...
Saegiru you ni mo kikoeta yonmoji iwanai de to negatta no ni...
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Re: Lyrics : Soprano

Post by violet_ingrid on Sun Oct 24, 2010 12:14 pm

Here`s another version of English translation

A cold rainshower begins, soaking my shoulders
I come out of my reverie when I realise that the drops on my cheeks are tears

A wrong answer changed our love
Even though I donít have the power to go back in time, a pulse of bravado pounds

When did the shards of love I found that day disappear from inside me?
Do I no longer have a reason to think of your hand, now that Iíll never reach it again?
The pouring rain just kindly hides the tears pouring down my face
The scent of the rain brought by the sunset, thatís the only kind thing...

As weak as my stifled sobs are, Iím still trembling
I want to laugh that itís a lie, but the last words wonít go away

The dreams we talked about together, the first time we held hands
Everything just squeezes reality in my heart

The love spell that reached us that day has surely disappeared from inside you
I know that thereís no point in searching for the dreams I found then
Why couldnít I say then that I wanted to stay by your side a little longer...?
Those words seemed to cut me off, though I prayed that you wouldnít say them...

My steps as I start walking may be more uncertain than that day
But I listen to my wobbly footsteps, maybe someday Iíll be able to laugh again
The countless time that goes by is still my treasure
If nothing else, Iíll quietly keep these memories in my heart, each one never fading
Iíll quietly keep them in my heart

It kinda sad song Sad


Ikimono gakari FTW~!!!
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Re: Lyrics : Soprano

Post by udeshi123 on Sun Oct 24, 2010 12:32 pm

thanks again violet!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Lyrics : Soprano

Post by deroku on Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:16 am

huh, every I'm hearing that song, want to cry Crying or Very sad , very awesome Smile

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Re: Lyrics : Soprano

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