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Project DMM

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Project DMM

Post by ngibul123 on Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:51 pm

do you like ultra series? if you like maybe this group of musicians is similiar for you, some songs like SPIRIT (OST ULTRAMAN COSMOS), fight the future (OST ULTRAMAN NEXUS), and many more... Very Happy

project DMM:
Project DMM (Project DMM, Purojekuto Dī Emu Emu?) is a Japanese musical group that primarily performs theme songs for Tsuburaya Productions' Ultra Series of tokusatsu programs. Its members are Kazuya Daimon (大門一也, Daimon Kazuya?), Tsuyoshi Matsubara (松原剛志, Matsubara Tsuyoshi?), and KATSUMI. Tatsuya Maeda (前田達也, Maeda Tatsuya?) had originally been a part of Project DMM, but left in 2000 and was replaced by KATSUMI

here is vid of em...

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