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Tayumu Koto Nakinagare no Naka de Translations

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Tayumu Koto Nakinagare no Naka de Translations

Post by harukasango on Sat Dec 25, 2010 9:46 am

Let my love ride on the wind
Let it go now, before I know it
When I heard the words from in the clouds
I began to faintly understand myself

I began to half-give up on the fragility of the days
Because my heart was flippant
The weakness that led something to take hold of me
Has now taken on many unadorned strengths

Moving against the flow of people passing by
Where am I headed now?
On nights when I have time to kill
In the moonlight, I値l think of you

Let all of this voice that痴 been born
Stretch out earnestly to you
On this broken road with no destination
In no time at all, I forgot myself

What was it that I saw above the loneliness?
I致e realised how important these days are
I tried to measure a fixed distance
Looking for tomorrow in the distance

Pushing through the flow of people passing by
What am I searching for now?
A devout prayer
In the moonlight, what should I say in my prayer?

In the steady flow of time
What am I thinking of, what am I looking at?
What am I feeling as I live?
I値l keep loving everything
Including the things I fear

Moving against the flow of people passing by
Now I知 taking a step towards tomorrow
If I find something certain
I値l share if with you someday

On this endless road, I think of you
I値l spend my life singing about my dreams, feeling these days
This living, breathing song
Will surely reach you in the steady flow


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Re: Tayumu Koto Nakinagare no Naka de Translations

Post by bananafish on Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:01 am

THank you:)

shame on me i can't even remember the song
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