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Ikimonogakari to celebrate 10th year with a live tour.

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Ikimonogakari to celebrate 10th year with a live tour.

Post by moumines on Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:10 pm

Ikimonogakari will hold a nationwide tour called 'Ikimonogakari Live Tour 2015' starting in March of 2015.

The tour will begin on March 14 at Makuhari Messe Event Hall (Chiba) and will wrap up on July 18 at Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka) for a total of 26 shows. This will be their first tour in about a year and 3 months since they held 'Ikimonogakari no Minasan, Konnitour!! 2013 ~I~' in 2013.

Ticket pre-reservations will begin via their official fan club '1-nen 2-kumi' on October 24 and to the general public on February 28, 2015.

Saturday, March 14 - Makuhari Messe Event Hall (Chiba)
Sunday, March 15 - Makuhari Messe Event Hall (Chiba)
Sunday, March 29 - Big Hat (Nagano)
Saturday, April 4 - Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka)
Sunday, April 5 - Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka)
Saturday, April 18 - Ecopa Arena (Shizuoka)
Sunday, April 19 - Ecopa Arena (Shizuoka)
Saturday, April 25 - Marine Messe Fukuoka (Fukuoka)
Sunday, April 26 - Marine Messe Fukuoka (Fukuoka)
Wednesday, April 29 - Asty Tokushima (Tokushima)
Saturday, May 2 - Hiroshima Green Arena (Hiroshima)
Sunday, May 3 - Hiroshima Green Arena (Hiroshima)
Wednesday, May 6 - Toki Messe Niigata Convention Center (Niigata)
Thursday, May 14 - Nippon Budokan (Tokyo)
Saturday, May 16 - Nippon Budokan (Tokyo)
Sunday, May 17 - Nippon Budokan (Tokyo)
Saturday, May 23 - Sekisui Heim Super Arena (Miyagi)
Wednesday, June 10 - Nippon Gaishi Hall (Aichi)
Thursday, June 11 - Nippon Gaishi Hall (Aichi)
Saturday, June 20 - Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center (Hokkaido)
Sunday, June 21 - Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center (Hokkaido)
Thursday, July 9 - Yokohama Arena (Kanagawa)
Saturday, July 11 - Yokohama Arena (Kanagawa)
Sunday, July 12 - Yokohama Arena (Kanagawa)
Friday, July 17 - Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka)
Saturday, July 18 - Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka)

Source: Tokyohive
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Re: Ikimonogakari to celebrate 10th year with a live tour.

Post by tao priest on Thu Oct 23, 2014 9:36 pm

Hmm, how can it be the 10th year? SAKURA was their first major single but released in 2006?
tao priest
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Re: Ikimonogakari to celebrate 10th year with a live tour.

Post by eyuancozyu on Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:26 am

Thanks for this! Very Happy

Apparently, they're having another tour and I can't go to any of their venues. Gaikokujin problems hahahaha~

But anyway. I was also wondering why 10th. Because yes, as taop riest said, SAKURA was released 2006. Their band formed 1999, and Kiyoe joined the same year. Their first indie album is 2003.

But now that I think of it, CUBE used to be part of SONY Music. And I remember Their first mini album, released 2005, Jinsei Sugoroku dabe, released in the CUBE label, was released 2005. So that must be it.

EDITED: JPopAsia says the 10th anniversary really refers to the 2006 released single SAKURA. might be an advanced celebration, I guess.
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Re: Ikimonogakari to celebrate 10th year with a live tour.

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