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Post by Dnee on Fri Mar 28, 2008 4:26 pm

Kiroro (キロロ) is a Japanese musical group from Okinawa that debuted in 1996.

Kiroro first debuted in 1996 as an independent band, and later made their major debut in 1998 with the song "Nagai Aida (長い間, Nagai Aida?)". They performed on Kōhaku Uta Gassen in 1998, 1999 and 2001.

In January 2005, vocalist Tamashiro Chiharu announced that she was engaged. On April 17th (which coincided with her birthday), she and her fianc entered the family registry. In May, pianist Kinjou Ayano announced her pregnancy and marriage. In July Tamashiro Chiharu announced her pregnancy. In September 2005, they held their "four person concert" in Okinawa with the finale, Wasurenaide ("Don't Forget") before their maternal leave. Kinjou Ayano gave birth to a baby girl in November 2005. Tamashiro Chiharu gave birth to a baby boy in February 2006. In March 2007, Tamashiro Chiharu announced her second pregnancy.

Member's Profile

* Name 玉城 千春 Tamashiro Chiharu
* Role Vocals
* Birthplace Okinawa
* Date of Birth 1977, April 17
* Blood type A

* Name 金城 綾乃 Kinjou Ayano
* Role Keyboard
* Birthplace Okinawa
* Date of Birth 1977, August 15
* Blood type AB



1. 1998.10.01 長い間 ~キロロの森~
2. 1999.09.22 昼休み (Kinjou Ayano's Solo Album)
3. 1999.12.08 好きな人 ~キロロの空~
4. 2000.07.26 七色 (Concept Album)
5. 2001.01.13 TREE OF LIFE Date of release in Taiwan. It is the first time(and only time, up to the album Wonderful Days) that the date of release in Taiwan is earlier than Japan.
6. 2001.01.24 TREE OF LIFE Date of release in Japan.
7. 2002.02.21 Kiroroのうた1 (Best Album)
8. 2002.12.18 Four Leaves Clover
9. 2004.03.03 Diary
10. 2005.01.21 帰る場所 (Mini Album, Okinawa limited edition)
11. 2005.06.23 帰る場所 (Mini Album, "National-level" edition) *帰る場所('The place to return to', 'home' etc.) is an album dedicated to their homeland, Okinawa. The 'national level' edition also contains an introductory flash clip that describes the places of interest in Okinawa.
12. 2005.11.23 Wonderful Days
13. 2006.03.29 キロロのいちばんイイ歌あつめました (Best album by fan votes)
14. 2007.03.07 キロロのほーら、泣きやんだ! / (Played by Kinjou Ayano, a lullaby album for babies)
15. 2007.03.07 キロロのいちばんイイ歌あつめました~10th Anniversary Edition~ (A "collector's" edition)


1. 1998.01.21* 長い間
2. 1998.06.24* 未来
3. 1998.11.21* 冬のうた
4. 1999.02.24* 青のじゅもん
5. 1999.06.23* 最後のKiss
6. 1999.11.10* 好きな人 *All singles from 長い間 to 好きな人 were released once again on 2002.02.21.
7. 2000.03.23 ひまわり
8. 2000.07.26 涙にさよなら
9. 2000.12.06 逢いたい
10. 2001.06.06 Best Friend
11. 2002.08.21 愛さない
12. 2002.12.04 ひとつぶの涙
13. 2003.11.21 僕らのメッセージ
14. 2004.01.21 もう少し
15. 2005.07.06 生きてこそ
16. 2005.10.21 忘れないで (With normal and special editions)



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Re: Kiroro

Post by ikimo on Sat Apr 04, 2009 3:25 pm

長い間 and 未来 are good.
A singer in my country made a cover of 長い間.
I've buy their album years ago.

Glad to see others like them here.
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International Artist

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Re: Kiroro

Post by Mr1_Star on Sun May 31, 2009 8:19 pm

the first song I heard from them is Mirai e (Future)
that's was a great song...
when we learn a Japanese lessons at school,my teacher always play the kiroro songs when break... soo it's make me easy to remember the song Smile
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Indie Artist

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Re: Kiroro

Post by masterjz on Sun May 31, 2009 9:16 pm

they were introduced to me by a friend and said to give it a shot and listen to their music...so i said why not~?

all i can say is...their music is worth listening. Their songs are very calming and relaxing. I love their voice, it compliments with each other. Nice!

I Kiyoe Yoshioka

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Re: Kiroro

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