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Dio - distraught overlord

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Dio - distraught overlord

Post by deathangel on Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:01 pm

Dio - distraught overlord are:

Mikaru (vocal)

Kei (guitar)

Ivy (bass)

erina (guitar)

Denka (drums)

Dio - distraught overlord is probably mine fav band after D.A.I and HIZAKI grace project/Versailles

Dio - distraught overlord is a rather new visual kei band, and instead of following the current trends of more cheerful sounding music, Dio decided for a heavier, darker sound. Their aim is to produce new music, without any stereotypes, combining 'heavy' and 'melodious' in their songs. Their outfits seem to fit the ambiance they're creating with their music perfectly, and the members usually sport black leather and lacquer outfits.

Although the band hasn't been around for a very long time yet, their popularity is rapidly increasing. Not just in Japan, but also overseas as the young band has toured Europe and also released their CDs in several European countries.

Dio originally started as a session band named Baby Santa at the end of 2005. About half a year later, the members decided to change their name to Dio, and became a real band instead of a session band.

They consisted of only four members back then: Mikaru on vocals, Kei and erina on guitar and Ivy on bass. In these first months a support drummer played with them, but was soon after replaced by Denka. All of the members had been in various bands before and had gained a lot of experience already, giving them a lead compared to other new bands.

In May, they gave their very first live as Dio and during the same night they distributed their first single, Garasu no Umi. More concerts followed for the young band, and in December they released their second single, Byakuya ni Moyuru Hana, which was released in both Japan and Europe.

In May the following year, after the release of their third single, they performed their first one-man live. It was recorded, and later released on DVD. Not much later, it was announced that Dio was invited to perform at the French event the Japan Expo, which took place in early July in Paris. It was a great leap forward for the young band as they got the chance to perform for a foreign audience, which consisted of more people than they had ever performed for before.

It seemed their performance at the Japan Expo had pleased both fans and band, as the quintet announced to be coming back to Europe in spring 2008. This time, the band toured across the whole continent with over a dozen concerts.

In February 2008, the band had released their first mini-album, which also saw an European release in May. Another new single has been planned for release in August and it seems that after that, the band will return to Europe again for another tour!

credits to Jame U.K

some videos of theirs:

Carry Dawn

GOD forsaken

Last Dance

Lord's Prayer
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