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Bubble Fiction:Boom or Bust (2007)

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Bubble Fiction:Boom or Bust (2007)

Post by deathangel on Tue Jan 15, 2008 11:15 pm

Movie : Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust / Baburu e go!! Taimu mashin wa doramu-shiki
Year : 2007
Country : Japan
Director : Yasuo Baba
Starring : Ryoko Hirosue (Mayumi), Hiroshi Abe (Isao), Hiroko Yakushimaru (Mariko)
Runtime : 116 min

Plot Synopsis : “Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust” is set in present day Japan - March 30th, 2007 to be precise. The heroine of the film is Mayumi Tanaka, a simple girl working at a hostess bar to pay off her ex-boyfriend’s debts. She attends the funeral for her recently deceased mother Mariko Tanaka. Although Mariko’s body was never found, reports surfaced that Mariko was seen falling off a cliff and is now presumed dead.

That evening, when Mayumi comes home from her mother’s funeral, she sees a guy waiting at her door. The serious looking gent introduces himself as Isao Shimokawaji an employee of the Ministry of Finance. He goes on to tell Mayumi that her mother’s not dead. Rather, her mother went back in time to 1990 and now cannot be located. Isao explained that Mariko went back in time to prevent the government from enacting strict housing regulations that would result in the bursting of the Japanese economic boom of the late 1980’s. Isao Shimokawaji further explained that Japan has only two years left before its economy crumbles completely from its present day debt.

Now the only way to save Japan is for Mayumi to go back in time, find her mother and prevent the enactment of those strict housing regulation. At first Mayumi doesn’t want to go (her relationship with her mother has always been fractured) but when Mayumi finds out that her debts would also vanish she agrees easily. Now Mayumi prepares to travel back to 1990 in of all things …a washing machine!

credits to lunapark6 for the info

personal views:
though not a highly anticipated and remember movie but it is still enjoyable and fun to watch.......give it a try and laugh yourself silly....

love and peace.....
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Re: Bubble Fiction:Boom or Bust (2007)

Post by [Ayu]noChevalier on Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:46 am

hhohohoho...this ini really2 fun movie...make me laugh a lot...hehehe
Ryoko is great in this movie...
love it very much!!!
absolutely recommended movie...
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